Our Rules, Our Values.

1. Throw away your corporate presentations.

Only present to customers about the customers themselves, their hopes, their problems, their dreams.

2. Don’t talk about your product.

Only talk about the difference your product can make to the customer’s situation.

3. Respond to the human and spend the time “face to face”

Go talk to customers and find new problems to solve for them.

4. What about the price, your value is what you give to the customer.

Talk about customer value.

5. Close the sale but dont close off.

Open the relationship.

6. Offer a guarantee that it the process is followed they will have success.

Pay on receipt of a customer signed case study/reference site.

7. Be original and try  add your customised process to the customer.

Do customised customer scenarios.

Do nothing and nothing will happen.

Let Us Do It For You.


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